Live Plants

Most of the live plants are flowering, medicinal herbs which are used for generations for his or her healing properties.

Some of these are scarce in some regions of the us , but most are locally plentiful in our area, in suitable locations. We raise many of those in beds within the woods, and a few are collected responsibly from the wild. We encourage you to assist preserve and replenish our native plants, by replanting seeds or dividing roots and replanting in proper habitat in your area.

These live plants need a minimum of 70% shade for optimal results, except black snakeroot , mayapple, and jack-in-the-pulpit, which may tolerate more sun, but they still had best fully shade. The soil should be well-drained, but moist, with many organic matter. The ph should be below seven between 5.5 and 6.5 would be ideal.

Woods plantings should have adequate organic matter, other locations like in your yard would enjoy mixing leaves, or rotted leaves in together with your soil, and perhaps an addition of sulfur to lower ph. These medicinal plants do best in cold locations, in yard plantings with some sun, plant if possible therefore the sun they are doing receive is within the cool a part of the day, usually early morning.

Most of those plants grow naturally from Canada, southward to the Georgia mountains, and from the East Coast to the Mississippi . However, some are native west of the Mississippi also. within the western states of the north, they ought to had best also if adequate rainfall is out there or artificial watering is completed .

It's the live plant's dormant period, and that they should be replanted in your required location as soon as possible. The ferns don't flower or produce seeds no matter age. All live plants are bound to live, or we'll replace or refund your money. Complete growing instructions are included with each order.