Place mats

People cook food daily, and kitchen tables are always at risk of scratches, marks from wet, and hot dishes. To avoid negative consequences, it is advisable to buy specialized place mats on the table under the plates.

Such coasters do not allow damage to the surface and prevent the sudden displacement of dishes during cooking or a feast.

Today there is a desire to simplify the rules of table etiquette, which is reflected in the table setting. Mistresses stop using traditional tablecloths and give preference to table place mats. What is the name of the table mat under the plates?

You can find such names assets, boulevards, or replacement. They are suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. On top of a cloth or a tablecloth, unique place mats are placed under the plates to protect the coating and harmoniously complement the interior.

Serving place mats are used for a comfortable arrangement of dishes, glasses, and other kitchen items. With their help, you can protect the table and tablecloth from a suddenly spilled drink and food particles. place mats are of great importance in creating a refined setting. A carefully selected stand can change the surroundings for the better. If the service has apparent disadvantages, substrates can complement the interior and eliminate existing aesthetic flaws.

Stands can be of different shapes and sizes. A small height of the edges characterizes them. Since dishes will be placed on top of them, high tips are useless. In terms of form, there are two main varieties.

Round. This option is characterized by versatility. The diameter of wipes is most often equal to 27 centimeters. Sizes should be selected for each case.

Square or rectangular. Sometimes they choose this option when round place mats unsuccessfully fit into the interior. Substrates on the table are made of different materials:

  1. faience;
  2. leather;
  3. glass;
  4. paper;
  5. bamboo;
  6. plastic;
  7. metal.

Often you can find paper and earthenware placements since their cost is lower than place mats made of other materials. Glass substrates have also been actively used. If you like porcelain sets, be prepared that you will have to spend money on them, but the expenses are justified, since such place mats last for a long time. There are coasters made of ordinary or precious metals.

The boulevard is a cutlery mat made of real leather. Such place mats help protect the varnished surface of the table and are a kind of elegant decoration of the room, creating a festive atmosphere. Modern leather boulevards are produced in the form of a table cover that protects the surface and creates comfortable conditions for a feast or even works.

Since leather place mats are a traditional decorative element, they are perfect for any interior. It is only necessary to choose the right size, shape, and color. If you put the cover on the table, you can protect it from possible damage: scratches, stains from grease, or spilled coffee. This hot bedding gives individuality to each restaurant or bar. Boulevards are desktop accessories that attract the eyes of guests and serve as a kind of protective element.

Bamboo table place mats will be the best option for people who prefer natural materials. The characteristic features of such kitchen attributes include a diverse design, durability, and safety for the environment and human health. Most often, they have a spectacular appearance. Therefore they attract even very capricious homemakers. Table setting acquires an exclusive look, and the tablecloth is reliably protected from stains and damage. Another bamboo set can be used as a stand for cups with tea or coffee.

Bamboo is known as a universal eco-friendly raw material. An exquisite stand is a sophisticated finishing touch and a functional item that can protect the table from scratches and contaminants that would necessarily appear with a daily meal.

Plastic place mats can be used every day, as they can be easily washed or cleaned with a rag. Often, such products are created from waterproof materials that are easy to clean. In most cases, this is vinyl. They effectively protect the table cover from direct contact with hot plates and pans, prevent scratching and abrasion of the surface.