Unfortunately, a universal vase, which is perfect for any color, can not be advised. The fact is that it must be suitable for that particular bouquet that will be inserted into it. Therefore, before choosing a vase for flowers, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.

If you need a jar for a bouquet of long and delicate flowers, then it should be the same. Ideally, it should contain one-third of the length of the flowers. This choice was made for two reasons. On the one hand, it will easily emphasize the elegance, sophistication, and beauty of the bouquet itself. Of course, this is very important - even the most beautiful scent, placed in an insufficiently elegant vase, does not look too sophisticated and elegant. Also, the flowers will stand stably in the vessel, and not one of them will fall out of it, disrupting the composition. Gladioli, chrysanthemums, and other similar flowers need just such a vase.

But if you were presented with a large, fluffy bouquet of short flowers, then the vase should be appropriate. First of all, it must contain all these flowers. And they should not be too crowded. Otherwise, they will fade ahead of time. Here, a low vase for flowers is better. Otherwise, the stems simply will not reach the water, and soon the flowers will fade.

Maybe in your family, there was a big holiday not so long ago, and you were presented with a huge bouquet? Then the main requirement for the vase will be capacity and stability. A large bouquet, consisting, for example, of fifty roses, can not accommodate far from everyone. And it weighs quite a lot, because of which many of them can be overturned and broken.

What metal should a flower vase be made of? The modern market can offer a choice of thousands of models of various flower vases. They vary in shape, size, and material used in the manufacture. About the sizes and shapes already mentioned above. So, it’s worth mentioning separately about the material.

If you need a vase suitable for a classic bouquet, sophisticated and strict, made up of roses, tulips, gladioli, and other similar flowers, then you should choose only real crystal or especially elegant glass. It will perfectly emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the presented bouquet.

But if you just plucked a bouquet of wildflowers or garden flowers, which are distinguished by simplicity, originality, and brightness, it would be better to take a simple or even suitable jug. A bouquet of wildflowers in this one will look much better - it will not distract attention from it, and the simplicity of the jug will emphasize the beauty and elegance of the flowers standing in it.

About glass vases in general, you can talk almost endlessly. And it is simply impossible to give a separate recommendation to each metal from which they are made. Therefore, if you need a flower vase, it’s better to buy one that is simply the best way to emphasize the elegance and beauty of the bouquet. For example, to keep yellow flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time, brass is perfect — its color will successfully complement the color of the bouquet, so your apartment will change dramatically. The interior will be completed, an unusual style will be successfully emphasized, and an absolute highlight will appear in the design itself.