Sheets pans

When choosing a sheets pans, pay attention to size and material. Most sheets pans are made in the form of a rectangle with rounded edges.

Metal (aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron) is suitable for the preparation of tartlets and cookies from the shortcrust pastry. It is also convenient for baking cakes for cakes. Aluminum and stainless steel conduct heat well, making baking much faster. Thick cast-iron walls maintain temperature for a long time: the dish cools slowly.

Ceramic and glass sheets pans trays distribute heat evenly. The porous structure of the material prevents overdrying: the food remains juicy, which is confirmed by user reviews. To buy a ceramic baking sheet is for making soufflé and casseroles, as well as for dishes of vegetables and meat. Take a closer look at the non-stick coating; Teflon prevents the dough from sticking to the surface, making washing easier. Please note: manufacturers do not recommend cleaning such dishes with abrasive products, as they can damage the coating.