Bar Stools

Traditionally, a bar stool is a small seat on relatively high legs, and it is not necessary to buy it together with a bar. However, in combination with it, it looks harmonious.

Choosing a table will not be amiss. If you want to emphasize bar stools, the price will pleasantly surprise you, so buying an ensemble will not be too expensive.

Do you do kitchen decoration and prefer modern styles and design innovations? Then remember, the bar stool is your choice! Do not think that this option is only suitable for bars and restaurants. Designers are increasingly advised to purchase bar stools, demonstrating their advantages.

Bar stools do not clutter up space and make the dining area elegant. They differ:

  1. in height;
  2. by the presence of leg support;
  3. if possible, develop and reggae (ideal for people of different ages and complexions);
  4. according to the carcass material (metal, rattan, wood, plastic);
  5. according to the color of the frame (matt or chrome, white or black, from light or dark wood);
  6. by the presence of rubber pads on the legs (to avoid scratches on the floor);
  7. on the seat (solid wood or plastic, soft leather or artificial material with filler);
  8. in form and style;
  9. bar stools with or without backrest.

Country styles and Biedermeier: For these styles, it would seem impossible to choose bar stools. However, when you see wooden models with backs decorated with carvings or drawings and folklore patterns, you will change your mind. They will be perfectly combined with kitchen furniture from a natural tree.

Art Nouveau, romantic and modern styles: The seats of chairs selected for these styles are made of leather or pastel-colored fabrics, and the backs are often decorated with carvings. Bar stools with delicate backs and low armrests look spectacular. In addition to the stylistic advantages, a bar stool with a back will give additional comfort. Eco style: It is worth choosing chairs made of wood or rattan. In this case, not the design is essential, but the simplicity and texture of the tree. Seats are preferred in natural colors or decorated with floral patterns.

Hi-tech style: Perhaps the most successful technique for the purchase of bar stools. The most harmonious solution here will be chrome iron chairs of the purest form — colors: gray, white, black.

Styles of pop art and fusion: The brightest and most intricate models are suitable here. Forms: snails, heart, and others. Colors: red, orange, lemon, plum, turquoise, lime.