A frying pan is an essential item in any kitchen, without which, perhaps, no homemaker can do today. Using a skillet, you can not only fry but also stew zucchini with chicken, warm pizza ... And the quality of pancakes and pancakes will directly depend on the characteristics and size of the skillet.

In general, the most seemingly ordinary skillet, in which we are all used to just frying potatoes, is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

First of all, so that the skillet does not disappoint, you need to take into account its diameter and depth. The size mostly depends on the amount of food cooked in the skillet. A skillet with high sides and certainly with a lid is best for stewing.

The baking skillet in the oven must have a removable handle - so as not to get a burn. But the best pancakes are obtained in deep pans, usually, cast iron. At least, so experienced housewives say.

But the prices of pans are not a decisive factor in their choice. In the end, the skillet will have to be used for a long time - and mere pennies are not so valuable here. And in our store, the cost of even the most “advanced” pans is available to everyone.

Pans come in many forms. Usually, they are divided by the material of manufacture:

  1. traditional cast iron can be used even in open flame stoves. They are ideal for grilling and many other dishes. But at the same time, such pans are quite heavy and capricious to temperature differences, and they can rust if they are poorly looked after;
  2. stainless steel is suitable for frying meat, such as steak. If it is well heated, it will not burn. Also, she is not afraid of scratches. However, to cook in such a quality skillet, you will need to get used to;
  3. cast-aluminum - they are also perfect. But they require a careful approach when choosing. The price of an aluminum skillet is affordable for almost everyone. But its walls and bottom must have a noticeable thickening.

Special mention deserves a wok skillet. It was created to cook something on it with constant stirring. Just look at the photo to note the unique shape of the wok skillet. With its help, they prepare many national dishes. Moreover, judging by the reviews from customers, the food is exceptionally juicy and tasty. Models are available with one and two handles, with a lid, etc.

Before you buy a skillet, it will not be superfluous to find out what types of non-stick coatings the manufacturer offers today. If you do not take into account traditional iron pans, then you can distinguish mainly three types of surfaces.

Teflon - known for a long time. It is a product of space technology and does not allow to burn products even in the cheapest skillet. But such pans have a big minus: they are afraid of even the smallest scratches. One careless movement with a metal spoon - and there can be no talk of any non-stick effect. Therefore, you can only use wooden or plastic spoons and scrapers.

The titanium coating is good at everything. It is suitable for conventional gas and induction cookers. The food will warm up on it and fry much faster. Moreover, pans with a titanium coating are not afraid of mechanical damage — one drawback: high cost.

You can also buy a ceramic skillet. It is too strong, and you can fry on it without oil. However, ceramics is afraid of temperature changes. For example, if you throw pork from a refrigerator in a heated skillet, microcracks will arise, which will only grow over time.